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Beacon : In order to offer better price to you,we are very glad to let our professional team do a Illumination calculation simulation for you first,if you feel this lighting design is suit for you,we will offer a competitive price and let you satisfied .

Beacon : 1.High Luminous efficiency,Energy-saving,reduce Mounting,electricity wire fee,reduce later maintain fee . 2.Fully mechanized module production,steady quality 3.Modular,easy maintain and replace it. 4.Patented air dome chandelier use advanced lightweight technic 5.Professional team could do most suitable Illumination calculation simulation 6.Guarantee Luminance Flux Maintain not less than 70% for 5 years

Beacon: Our LED Lighting mainly used in stadium and sport Domes,it also could used in Industry field,like workshop,warehouse,outside square and so on .

Beacon : 1. Our air domes hang light weight is more lightweight than others. 2. Our LED Lighting design could let you use less light than others. 3. Our air domes hang light is more energy-saving than others. 4. Less light decay,no color temperature drift than others.

Beacon: 1. Steady quality,Longer use life. 2. Help you reduce Lamp pole quantity. 3. Help you do Illumination calculation simulation,energy-saving,no glare.

Beacon: Our Common delivery time is within 20 working days after receive deposit.

Beacon: Yes,we have our own Product design team and always Cooperated with domestic institution of high education (Dalian Polytechnic University institute of Photonics),so not only have advanced patented sports lighting,but also could do new VIP Design sports lighting according to your requirement if your quantity is large .

Beacon: China Huzhou, about 600 people .

Beacon : Because Beijing is a advanced place about technology,economy and culture,clients is from far place,Beijing have Beijing Air port,Clients are easier to arrive at us from different countries,we set Sports lighting R&D department and Foreign trade department in Beijing,could let clients less change flight,less tired,Beijing also have a lot our finished case,could have a better understanding about sports lighting,China culture and food .

Beacon : Yes,we have our own import and export rights .

Beacon : We use T/T more .We also could consider L/C .

Beacon : FOB,CFR,CIF,all is ok .

Beacon: No,if they are same Luminous efficiency( lm/w ),500W is more brighter than 300W;If 500W Sports lighting is 90lm/w,300W sports lighting is 150lm/w,they are some bright,because they are some Luminous Flux 45000lm, 500w x 90lm/w = 300w x 150lm/w,at this time,300w sports lighting is more energy-saving than 500w one.if you choose 300w sports lighting,you could save a lot electricity in the future.

Beacon : We Guarantee Luminous Flux Maintain is not less than 70% within 5 years.